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Here be a community for Showcase's Trailer Park Boys.

CYA STATEMENT: This community does not censor language so if you're offended by that then why the hell are you here in the first place?

Your Trailerpark Supervisor is ms_nerd and assistant trailerpark supervisor is wereguitar. If you'd like to help out around the park, E-mail your stomach size with chicken finger recipes to the Trailerpark Supervisor at lance_nerd @ livejournal.com

Let's talk about the gang from Sunnyvale Trailer Park and laugh at Ricky's profound sayings and Mr. Lahey's shit analogies.

Are you creative and made a TPB wallpaper? Share it. Are you a picture junkie and want to show us something TPB related? Show us. You got icons? Let's see. How about multimedia? If anyone has the capabilities to capture Mpegs or sound files, post them here.


When does TPB Air?
- Reruns are aired on Showcase in Canada Weekdays at 6pm & 6:30pm, Friday at 10pm & 10:30pm ET/PT

If they decide to do more episodes (PLEASE MORE EPISODES!!!) There will be a discussion post made to this community just before the episode airs on the Eastern Feed on Showcase. That way everyone can go nuts and post like crazy as it airs. This generates discussion between people, cuts down on friendslist traffic and reduces the chance of spoilers. This will last all season.

For a list of episodes discussed, link to the tags page: Trailerparkboys Tags

What about the first Movie?
You can buy the first movie at any DVD retailer in Canada. If you want to order it online, choose either Chapters.Indigo.ca

The Countdown to Liquor Day Movie comes out September 25, 2009 in Canada. If you want to talk about what happened or speculate what happens in the movie USE A CUT TAG - DO NOT SPOIL IT FOR OTHER PEOPLE! Everyone here is fucking cool about this so if you're new, please know that any blatant spoiler posts will be deleted and you'll be banned from the community. I've modded other communities and things have gotten way out of control, so I'm "gently" warning you now.

Some Important Shit:
- Stay on topic! The Trailer Park Supervisor will delete any off topic posts.
- Check older posts before asking questions - chances are it's already been answered.
- All ADMIN posts are archived here
- Link away to youtube vids, graphics, icons, links to downloads, torrents, websites - anything you want.
- If you have more than one youtube links (the embedded player), put it behind a cut.
- If you're posting pics larger than 500px wide also use a cut tag, 'cause if fucks up people's friendslist y'know what I'm sayin'
- If you don't know what I'm sayin' then e-mail the Trailer Park Supervisor for helpful hints.

Even More Important LJ Shit:
- When talking about the current season episode use a cut tag - even if the show has aired. We have a lot of international peeps on this comm who download the shows later and hey they don't want to be spoiled. Don't be a cory&trevor!
- If you don't know how to use a cut tag it's real simple [lj-cut text="put yer text here"] - replace the [ with < and ] with > and away you go!
- Or link here to find out.

Official Sites:
Showcase Showcase's Trailer Park Boys Site
Trailer Park Boys Official TPB Site
Countdown to Liquor Day Official Movie Site
TPB Series - IMDB Listing
The Big Dirty - IMDB Listing
Countdown to Liquor Day - IMDB Listing

Where to buy/download/get TPB stuff:
- You can buy TPB Seasons 1-7, the Movie plus the Christmas Special on DVD at Amazon.ca
- The Trailer Park Boys Store has box sets, t-shirts, toques and a bunch of cool shit for sale.
- There's also the official site www.trailerparkboys.com where you can buy swag and stuff as well as download pics, videos and desktop pics.
- Don't forget Showcase's TPB site where you can also download stuff and get behind the scenes scoops.

We don't condone file sharing, this info is just for your information:

- If you need to torrent the shows try the following:
http://w3.isohunt.com/ - torrent search engine
http://www.rokanova.com/index.php?idx=order&cat=1 - another torrent search engine
http://www.torrentspy.com/ - and yet another torrent search engine

I'm not promising they'll be up there or that the links to the torrents will work, but it doesn't hurt to try. If you're not familiar with the whole bittorrent process, visit the official site for info, download instructions and the client you have to install to get download these files http://www.bittorrent.com/

Please don't post "anyone have a file for this episode?" over and over again to the community - if we find a link to a torrent someone will post it. It takes time for people to capture, rip and seed the torrents - don't expect it the second after a show airs.

Ricky: Knock knock.
Cory: What?
Ricky: Knock knock.
Cory: Who's there?
Ricky: Two fucking idiots who don't know when to come around and buy dope. Now, get the fuck out of here.

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